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Robert Zimmerman
And another thing...
From National Geographic, a photograph of a zebra "having its way" with a lion, the lord of the jungle.
It is now time to discard all soiled trousers!  If your pants need cleanin', get them off your body and on down to the laundromat, where the first 100 customers with soiled trousers will receive a free lashing!
Wuz Up?
Hey wuz up?
The fifth Beatle
Richard Starkey
This man is known to many as the fifth Beatle.  This is because he is the last of all the members to join the quintet.  Most major songwriting credit goes to him, although some hits, such as "American Pie," are attributed to Freddie Mercury.
Here is an entry about myself.
The woman what was my mother.
This is all about me me me me.  I hope you enjoy it!  I'll start us off with a little tidbit about where I am from.  Can you guess?  If you guessed "a crater" then you are absolutely correct!  That's right, I was born inside of one of our lonely planet's little pock marks.  For this reason I am very special and captivating.
My face
this is it baby
My face in every window
Robert Zimmerman

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