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Grubtown Tales 1- Original Art
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Here are some of the original, published pieces of art from the "Roald Dahl Funny Prize" winning series Grubtown Tales - book One. Jilly, Mango and the Repulsive Mr. Org take center stage in this funny story based in Grubtown, a town full of oddballs. All signed by the artist. Medium: pencil.
The Repulsive Mr. Org burps!
10 X 4
Jilly and the fiendish Fox Family
8 X 3
The Grumbly Girls
4 X 4
Jilly and Mango at The Duck House
7 X 11
Mango finds a diamond!
6 X 6
Mango and Jilly with the huge diamond
5 X 5
Jilly and Mango meet the repulsive Mr. Org!
7 X 11
Jim Paillot

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Grubtown Tales 1- Original Art
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