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The pipa player, Tai Po Market.
Around the corner from the chaotic Fu Shin street market is a tranquil block of shops devoted to herbal medicines, hair care, and hardware. Surrounded by his equipment, the owner of this tool repair shop practices his pipa, a Chinese string instrument, with complete absorption and concentration. He never looks up and seems oblivious to the two or three people like me who stand on the sidewalk enjoying his music. He plays very well, sounding to me as if he has played for years. (Is the framed print on the wall his first pipa? Or a lost love?) I never clap or make my appreciation known to him since I think such gestures would ruin the magic. His music creates an oasis for me in this busy neighborhood.

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The pipa player, Tai Po Market.
by Michael Sloan
in PRINT GALLERY #2 / Hong Kong street markets
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Michael Sloan