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A series of words and images.
This peculiar chemistry of words and pictures, mixed and matched on the pages of my notebooks is an ongoing investigation that is consistently challenging, surprising and constant. That these verbal/visual ramblings are quite vague and often vacuous has not
escaped me but in their weird and wobbly
logic,some rare souls may be able to connect the dodgy dots bleeding from my
leaky mind and share my travels
Space But No Mass- T-Shirts, etc
Can You Hear Me T-Shirt etc.
Bad Betty T-Shirts, etc
A Brief Harmonic Recession T-Shirts
The Nature of Choice Demands Decision T-Shirt
The Secret Nightlife of Sculpture T- Shirt etc
Please Don't Ask Me T-Shirt
A Convoluted Conundrum T-Shirt
Unrelated Descendants T-Shirts,etc
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry T-Shirt etc
Despite Popular Opinion T-Shirt
Any Inabliity To Deal T-Shirt
The Straight and Narrow T-Shirt etc
John H Howard

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White Lies on Black Paper
Land and Sea
Queer Thoughts - T-Shirts, etc
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