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President's Book of Secrets
Want to finally find out what's on page 47?

This is the book I designed and created for the National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. This book is exhibited in the Library of Congress in Washington, and was insured for over $22,000.

Almost every President is represented in the book (I figured Nixon needed his own book of secrets) by several pages of facsimile handwriting each, reproduced from actual documents. The pages are printed on beautiful moldmade laid paper, handbound, and inserted into a handmade leather cover, stamped with the Book of Secrets seal, which is adapted from the original design of the great seal. The buttons are 19th century brass uniform buttons. The cover and every page is lovingly aged and stained - it takes as long to age this book as it takes to make it.

In addition, the book is stuffed with dozens of extra documents - newspaper clippings, photos, letters, telegrams, reports, diagrams, etc. - all extensively researched, carefully created, painstakingly realistic. Alien autopsy photos, Marilyn Monroe's missing coroners report, Area 51, the Titanic, JFK, reports on psychic spies, cattle mutilation, D-Day - it's all here!

The screen-used copies are gone, but I will create an exact replica from scratch. Please allow 5 to 6 weeks.

A Certificate of Authenticity - hand printed letterpress from 19th century type - is included.

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President's Book of Secrets
by Ross MacDonald

Ships for $50.00

Ross MacDonald