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KISS: Rock and Roll Over - Signed Original Press Proof
Original press proofs offered by Michael Doret, original creator of the "Rock and Roll Over" LP cover art, and creator of the art for the recently released KISS' album "Sonic Boom". the size is 12.3125" x 12.3125". They are original press proofs from 1976 of the front of the album, and signed by Michael.

A press proof is what the designer receives from the printer to check for color accuracy etc., prior to the actual print run. These proofs were approved. They are in mint condition, i.e. in virtually the same condition now as the day they came off the press. Each proof may vary slightly from the others—there may some small printing anomalies that occurred during the original printing—but basically the proofs are as fresh and crisp as the day they were printed. It is printed on semi-gloss card stock in five "match colors": Red-Pantone 185, Yellow-Pantone 137, Dark Blue-Pantone 2747, Aqua-Pantone 313 and Silver-Pantone 877. Several of the colors (including black) were derived by overprinting one color over the other. This is NOT standard 4-color process halftone printing—rather it is more akin to fine art lithography. There are a couple of small, barely visible vertical marks in the upper portion which were made by the proof press as it pulled the paper through. This was normal for a press proof at that time. The photo of the full proof shows it against a wooden background.

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KISS: Rock and Roll Over - Signed Original Press Proof
by Michael Doret
in Michael Doret Lithographs
$93.00 (12x12)

Ships for $6.50

Michael Doret